api integration

What is API

Essentially, an API allows two software programs to communicate with each other. One program or website can USE another program’s API to get access to data or functionality of the other program or website.

Types of API

  1. Open APIs: aka Public APIs. publicly available
  2. Partner APIs:  specific rights or licenses are needed to access them.
  3. Internal APIs: used within a company and are not exposed to the internet..
  4. Composite APIs: These APIs combine different data and service APIs.

Our Services

API integration and Setup

Personalized API integration and Setup​

API adjustments

detailed customization for individual needs

Improve the basic pre-built functionality

Create a custom view for your results.

Popular APIs

E-commerce, Ebay, Amazon, Emag, other

Shipping, Tracking,  DHL, EKONT, SPEEDY, other

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