speed up the task handling time significantly.

Limit the errors – removing the human factor, decreases the error to minimum 

Adaptive to the rapid change in business timeline, quantity requirements.

no management – no extra Salary for management employees

Fully Automated


Lunch-Break Free

Adaptive & Efficient

  • Follow different types of data
    • Prices in one or multiple websites, competition, market prices.
    • posts, Social media, news , announcements blogs
  • Handling of the collected data. 
    • Save the data to csv pdf
    • Create an custom result view, form or table
  • Responsive Action
    • Response to changes or events with custom actions
    • Watch the market and check for lowest price.
    • Check if your price is the best,
  • Adapt automatically your price following your business strategy and preset values.
    • Keeping lowest market price and maximum profit.
    • Or your own customized strategy logic

Ebay - Price Manager

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  • Fill forms – data entry, product re-uploading.
  • All popular – Ebay, Amazon, Emag, Olx, others.
  • Upload pictures, fill text fields, and submitting.
  • Merge / combine images, calculate values or edit text.
  • Repetitive tasks – modern and quick easy way.


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  • Detect keywords in emails
  • Search for file in local or cloud storage
  • Respective answer
  • Add attachments
  • Generate text and real time values or data

Email checker

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