Emag Bot automation

Combine products

create new combined offers (two or more products) fully automatically.

Merge and adapt the pictures of the two products in the main picture.

Increase your profile active offers count.

Price Manager

Set а limit price for each of your offers – lowest selling price.

Let them adapt automatically keeping maximum profit and lowest market price.

Check if you are holding the buy button for the product and lowers the price further.

Price extractor

Get a detailed price report in a clean tidy table.

Each position, the vendor holding it, and his price .

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Offers Manager

  • Copy offers between two profiles (vendors).
  • Duplicate offers within the same profile.
  • During the process:
    • Titles – add some words (PRE – title, title-POST) or change certain ones in your original titles.
    • Images – Add а watermark or a small logo.
    • Prices – Increase the price with a certain amount or percentage (+20% or +5$).
    • Description – Add a header to your product description.
    • Specification – auto-correct outdated data that is no longer accepted by Emag.
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